“I have been using TechMate for years and would never work for a company that was stuck in the dark ages using Pen and Paper. I booked more than a million dollars in linehaul on my SalesMate last year.”
James Zaccari
United Agent


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FirstMate is the “hub” system of the TechMate product suite. FirstMate can be run as a stand-alone solution, or implemented across a network with multiple branches. The FirstMate package combines Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools with fully-featured survey and estimation capabilities. The system streamlines the sales process by providing a data repository for all shipments, an interface to the mobile sales applications, integrated email functionality and detailed reporting capacity.

FirstMate communicates directly with TechMate’s mobile sales solutions to provide a comprehensive information flow. FirstMate also interfaces with numerous other vendors within the industry; resulting in a single point of entry throughout the moving lifecycle.

Some of the benefits of FirstMate include:
• Multi-Modal Survey capability
• Multi-Lingual Support for 9 languages
• Integrated Email Functionality
• Interfaces with SalesMate and LoadMate
• Direct Registration to numerous Van Lines
• Zip-code look up
• Quick quote capability for telephone estimates
• Support for Interstate, 400N, 400M, TPG, B412, Intra, Local, International Tariffs
• Estimate/Order for Service approved by all major Van Lines
• Interfaces with CompuSource, Direct, Mover's Suite, Move Assist and others

Improved sales, extensive reporting capabilities, consistent information flow…and the ability to ensure that you never lose another lead…can you afford not to be our customer?