“I have been using TechMate for years and would never work for a company that was stuck in the dark ages using Pen and Paper. I booked more than a million dollars in linehaul on my SalesMate last year.”
James Zaccari
United Agent


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SalesMate has become the industry standard in mobile estimating solutions for the past 20 years. The SalesMate package represents a totally portable system, designed to run on a TabletPC. The system records customer information, surveys, calculates tariff charges, and allows users to print a Table of Measurements and an Estimate/Order for Service directly at residence. SalesMate improves productivity by empowering salespeople to provide accurate estimates, offering a more professional presentation, eliminating redundant data entry and, most importantly, by improving closing ratios.

Surveying has never been easier. Simply tap on the screen to survey an article. SalesMate's flexibility lets you identify the transportation mode, adjust sizes, add comments and designate articles which are not going. All Tariffs have the same look and feel. Tariffs can be customized for your operation and all costs can be reviewed with your customer before printing. SalesMate can print an Estimate/Order for Service at the residence, allowing you to close the move in one call.

Some of the benefits of SalesMate include:
Ensuring Accuracy while eliminating math errors

• Carton summary helps determine precise material costs
• Articles "not going" feature lets you accurately document the basis for your quote
• Each Article can have a comment or description (e.g. Crate 12x24x45 Mirror)
Saves Time while allowing for wireless, on-site printing
Improves Productivity by eliminating manual calculations
Flexible User defined Articles and Rooms allow for system customization
Eliminates Double Entry in conjunction with FirstMate
• Supports multi-modal moves (e.g. Road, Sea, Air, etc.)
• Multi-Lingual with automatic language translation
• Supports US 400N, 400M, TPG & B412 Tariffs
• Generic Local, Intrastate & International Tariffs
• Van-Line approved Estimate/Order for Service
• Neat and easy-to-read Survey and Estimate/Order for Service show the customer that you are serious about providing quality customer service

Let SalesMate improve your bottom-line while enhancing your professional image.